This little piggie


I never know what idea my husband is going to come up with next (truthfully I have my own wild hairs too, otherwise we may not make such a great team). He decided he'd like to raise some Berkshire hogs to have our own pork in our freezer. Might as well, right? Since we have our own beef, chicken and turkey (my idea that he hates having as livestock). Truthfully turkeys are dumb which makes it difficult but they are free range for the most part.  

Back to the piggies, I found some about 2 hours from us and we loaded up the boys to get some piglets! They were about 15 pounds when we got them and it will take approximately 5 months to feed them out. Now I was not raised around hogs so this is a learning experience for us. So bare with me if you are a pork expert, I'm very green and learning!

For some people who may not understand agriculture struggle with the idea of being able to consume an animal for meat.  We want our children to know where their food comes from and have knowledge of the circle of life. For us our food source(preference) is lean meat protein.  

The journey continued about 3 weeks later and we found Mangalitsa pigs about 15 minutes from us.  James and I loaded up and picked up 2 piglets, 1 boar to crossbread to the berkshires and 1 sow we will compare the full berks to the mangs for flavor.